In 2007 Facebook launched their integration platform. Since then I’ve built numerous Facebook apps as well as integrated third party sites with Facebook Connect and most recently the ubiquitous Like button. I regularly attend the London Developer Garage to stay on top of platform developments.

Probably the most notable app I’ve worked on was this South Park app back in 2008.

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Facebook AS2 Client library no longer maintained

I was one of the first people in 2007 to develop an ActionScript library – then AS2 – to hook into the API. I even had a link on Facebook as an unofficial client for a while. My site still gets hundreds of hits per month because of this project, so this page is here to avoid “breaking the web”.

But I’m afraid the project is long since obsolete. Not least because AS2 is obsolete, but also due to changes to the Facebook API over the years. The Graph API is designed to supersede the old REST API.

PHP client

I have also maintained my own PHP client over the years for Facebook integration, but this is not currently released publicly.

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