Translation Management

Loco is a Translation Management System aimed primarily at developers. It’s been online for about three years and its constant improvement has become my full time job.

I had the idea for Loco over ten years ago while working at an agency that did a lot of multi-language Flash sites. The process by which copy was translated, approved, and integrated was (and I’ll try to be kind here) somewhat error prone. Generally it involved emailing spreadsheets back and forth. Version control was non-existant and developer integration was a very manual workflow.

I confirmed this problem existed in my following job, and the one the after that, and so on. In fact I’m yet to work anywhere that really has this process nailed down.

I eventually decided to do something about this problem and I’m very proud of what Loco is today. There’s a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’ve received some wonderful feedback from my customers, and I’ve never been more convinced that Loco needs to exist.

Try it out, it’s free.

There is also a WordPress plugin that can be used without a Loco account.