Hello, I’m Tim Whitlock

I’m a web developer based in London, UK.  This is where I occasionally blog, but mainly where I show off about my work.

My passion is Loco – a Translation Management System I developed to streamline software localisation. Read about Loco on this site, or head over there if you’re interested in multi-language development.

When I remember I have a mortgage to pay, I do freelance work. If you’d like to hire me, please get in touch via LinkedinTwitter or email tim at this domain.

A Brief History of Tim

I’ve been building websites since 1996 and still spend the majority of my time coding. It’s what I do best and what I enjoy the most.

Since I started my freelance career in 1999, I’ve worked mostly at London-based creative agencies. My only “normal job” was a two year stint as a full-time Technical Director where I was allowed, and even encouraged, to interact with humans. I went back to being freelance in 2010.

I could be described as a “full stack” developer due to the length of my experience – Starting with HTML and CSS in the ’90s before moving on to back end development. These days I’m more focused on PHP and JavaScript and also do a lot of what has become known as “devops”Within PHP I specialise in WordPress and Symfony.

See more of my work in the projects section or on Github.

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