Hello, I’m Tim Whitlock

I’m a web developer based in London, UK.

I could be described as a “full stack” developer due to the length of my experience – Starting with HTML and CSS in the late 90s before moving on to back end development around 2002. These days I’m mostly focused on PHP and JavaScript and do a lot of Linux server administration.

My full time job is running Loco – a Translation Management System I developed to streamline software localisation. Read about Loco on this site, or head over there if you’re interested in multi-language development.

There are some old blog posts on this site, but I don’t have any time for blogging these days.

A Brief History of Tim

I’ve been building websites since 1996 and still spend the majority of my time coding. It’s what I do best and what I enjoy the most.

I started a freelance career in 1999, and worked mostly at London-based creative agencies. My only “normal job” was a two year stint as a full-time Technical Director where I was allowed, and even encouraged, to interact with humans. I went back to being freelance in 2010 with a view to joining a startup if something interesting cropped up.

I worked for a while on a doomed startup called Brandfeed, aimed at the PR industry. For reasons worthy of their own blog post, this was shut down in 2013.

At the back of my mind for some years I’d had an idea for building a tool to help developers manage translations. I finally got around to giving this a go on my own, and it became Loco.

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