I’ve been writing PHP for about ten years.

I know it’s not what the cool kids are doing, but I’ve stuck with it on purpose over the years. I learned early on in my career that skill-hopping – although good for business – is bad for developing expertise.


My framework of choice for most projects is Symfony. It’s the first framework I’ve used in years that I’m constantly impressed with. In fact it’s the only framework I’ve ever used whose idiosyncrasies always turn out to be based on solid engineering rather than the whim of its author. It’s chock full of good practices and design patterns that I find myself learning from the more I use it.


For simpler projects that largely comprise the publishing of content, I tend to recommend WordPress. I have worked on numerous such projects over the last few years, including two sites for MTV, Voices and Staying Alive.

I’m experienced in developing WordPress themes from scratch and also developing plugins. I’ve published a few plugins to the official WordPress directory too. My most popular being Latest Tweets Widget and Loco Translate.



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