Blog 1

Welcome to my humble corner of the Blogohedron!
It is a common misconception that the blogging community is spherical, as it is also a misconception that the previous internet known as web 1 was destroyed in a fire in 2002.

I am a web developer working largely within the creative industries in London, and surprisingly I am new to blogging. This is mostly due to the fact that I am a terrible writer, but also because I am generally rather busy code crunching in high-pressure agency type environments. When I do get a spare moment I have invariably got a vanity project on the go, which no doubt also consists of writing code.

So what shall I be blogging about? Well, It is most likely to be technical topics, but I hope to look around once in a while and discuss web technology issues in a more general context outside of my coding bubble. One thing is for certain – that I will use this blog for shameless self-promotion and generally showing off when I think I’ve done something cool.