Eclipse for PHP

I can’t quite believe how long I’ve lived without the Eclipse IDE. I’ve always been quite proud to walk into an agency with my copy of Homesite 5, it shows I’m old school – I don’t need no fancy code hinting, it’s all in the old noggin!

Anyhow, I downloaded Eclipse about a year ago and installed PHPElcipse. I was put off immediately by the shear size of the application, and decided that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So it sat silently amongst my Program Files for a good year or so until I was inspired last week by a colleague to give it another go.

This time I plumbed for the PDT plug-in for PHP development as that appears from the Eclipse site to be a tad more official. It also pointed me toward various other tools like editors for CSS, and JavaScript etc.. All I can say is this editor is going to make me lazy! There’s no going back when you realise you can’t live without something, like say, a mobile phone, or a 24 hour Tesco next to your house. It reminds me of the day I discovered BBEdit and my SimpleText world was over for good.