Omnibus post – 05 Apr 2010

I joked yesterday about writing one omnibus tweet per week. But actually, that’s not a bad idea at my current blogging rate. So here goes, my week in the Twittersphere –

The Digital Economy Bill

Not only am I totally unqualified to write any real critique on this topic, but there’s so much debate online already that any post I could write would be but a drop in an already soaking wet ocean.

On a personal note though, as much as the rushing-through of the bill exemplifies the illusion that I’ve always imagined democracy to be, it at least makes politics relevant to me; something I can’t say I’ve ever really experienced. I don’t think I’m alone here either as the comments on this TechRadar post illustrate. My own comment was as follows:

For me this whole affair has highlighted that some of us Digital Natives (I speak for myself) live in a bubble, and assume that the big issues facing our country are taken care of by others more knowledgeable in politics and economics. I had never watched the Parliament Channel before either, but if I was a teacher or a nurse you can bet I would have done. My point, if there is one, is that I agree with Gary that it is “business as usual” we just don’t usually notice.

My best hope from all of this is that the DEBill debacle has made people like me that have little contact with the grown-up world and who struggle to keep up with current affairs, realise that the Internet is just as much of a political issue as healthcare, education and taxation, and hopefully it will give me better reason to choose how I vote from now on.

Apple getting evil

Apple alters the legal terms of their developer SDK as they roll out iPhone OS4. Another topic on which there are volumes of content superior to what you’ll find here. If you need somewhere to start, my particular favourites are as follows:

On a personal note again (deeply cynical as usual) I have never been under any illusion that there is any such thing as a benevolent corporation. (There are such organisations – they are called charities). Obviously Apple want to control every aspect of deploying to their platform, they are going to continue to do so, as sure as Google are going to enter every market place they physically can until our lives are 100% reliant upon their existence. So, am I just gong to lie down and die, you ask? (Yes, probably). Seriously though, roll on W3C Widgets – I want to see the web go mobile, not see the mobile industry lock down our web.

Nearly forgot to mention UTweet

On Tuesday the Twittersphere (or at least the digital/media corner of it) erupted in massively over-the-top debate about Uniqlo’s UT campaign site, which I imagine was aimed firmly at aforementioned (ahem) influencers. For 24 hours the dialogue went like this:

Not a bad exercise in getting people to talk about your brand, really.

I think I’m done. I’ve got some coding to do.