Made in Britain

Then this morning (when checking out ‘If this then that‘) I saw this:

Created in San Francisco

So, in a rare moment of patriotism, I added this to the TwitBlock footer:

Made in Britain

As a Londoner working in tech, I’ve started to get a bit jaded over the whole Silicon-Valley-being-the-centre-of-the-Universe monotony, and I have to admit that this footer annoyed me a bit.

Hipster, (a company from LA with offices in Santa Monica) uses the localised San Francisco version of their site as the default holding page, rather than, say .. the one just up the road with about four times the population. Odd, that. It’s almost as if coming from San Francisco gives a new product instant credibility, even when nobody knows what it is.

I don’t doubt that IFTTT is based in San Francisco – I just found this ‘seal of quality’ a little cheeky.