Picture the scene: I’m on the Tube and I see an attractive girl, so naturally I take a photograph of her without her permission or knowledge. Then when I get home I upload my photo to the public Internet for other men to look at. I also make a note of the location and time, and post that too. Can you imagine if a website facilitated and even encouraged that? There would be outrage, right?

Well, no. Nobody seems particularly outraged; possibly because the site I’m alluding to is for sharing photographs of men without their consent.

I don’t feel I need to list everything that’s hideous about this service. I hope that any intelligent person can see why the concept is morally broken, and legally questionable.


Upon reflection, it isn’t the photographs which I find most alarming. As my commenters point out, the photographs are intended to be complimentary, and as they point out themselves: you have no right to privacy in public places. Plus, there are exceptions in data protection where photography is for artistic purposes.  (So that just leaves morals then).

I think the time and location is possibly more creepy as it implies you might be able to find this person again if you wished to do so. This is essentially surveillance data. Their legal disclaimers make no mention of time and location data. They do however indemnify themselves from any ‘damage’ arising from someone featured on the site being ‘communicated’ with. A clear acknowledgement that posting this kind of data is potentially dangerous.