The ‘office’ Christmas party

We’re having a special Freelance Friday meetup on Dec 16th 2011. FFX is the ‘office’ Christmas party for freelancers.

It’s actually the 8th meetup, not the 10th which is a shame. But what the hell, it sounds good.

In line with the micro-sponsor model we ran for FF5, we’re inviting companies to sponsor a pint (or 10). Starting at £4, we’re placing their logo on our wall of sponsors. The bigger the pledge, the bigger the logo.

You can even embed the sponsor widget on your own blog, as I’m doing here. (Get the embed code).

So, if you’ve gone the extra mile for your clients this year (and not billed them for every minute of every phone call like a solicitor), then embed the widget, send them the link, and ask them kindly to buy you a pint.

Oh, and half the money raised will go to charity.

These are the companies who have sponsored so far.