Latest Vines plugin for WordPress

After submitting my Latest Tweets plugin to the WordPress directory last week, I thought I’d do another one.

My “Latest Vines” plugin displays your Vine videos in a sidebar widget. Clicking the thumbnails plays the video in situ, and clicking the date takes you to the page on

Download it from


The readme file contains installation and usage notes, but one thing I’ll mention is that until Vine has its own API the best way to pull your vines seems to be via Twitter. That just means you need to tweet your vine, which most people seem to be doing anyway. Perhaps if the Vine community takes off on its own that will change, and hopefully an API will have appeared by then too.


Why am I not using the plugin myself?

Because my vines are rubbish.

2 thoughts on “Latest Vines plugin for WordPress”

  1. Thank you for your plugin.
    I have a question about it. If I tweet a vine video and the link to the video that appears in my tweets is instead of . Does the video still appears in the wordpress plugin?
    Thanks for the answer.

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