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I just posted about the Facebook Places UK rollout, but in an effort to try and keep my posts shorter I just talked about privacy.

As a developer, what interests me the most right now is how Facebook Places affects the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla. These companies brought the checkin into our vocabulary, and with only a few million users between them it would be easy at first glance to declare them defunct.

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Facebook Places rolled out to UK users today. This comes a month after the ‘global’ press launch a  month ago. That’s the thing about the World Wide Web, people get disappointed when you say your product is only available in the US. But anyway it’s here now, so our tabloids can unleash the hounds, our social media experts can blog their hearts out, and I can finally find out where my ex-girlfriend gets her hair cut.

Please hold for media storm on privacy ..

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