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This post continues from part 1 where I outlined what I did to prepare Loco for the not-so-new EU regulations. Again – I’m not a lawyer, or an accountant, and this is not a rant :)

Once my system was processing payments from EU customers I was fairly happy I was compliant, but the devil’s in the detail. With real data coming in I had cause to investigate some odd cases and the learning experience continued.

Here are some extra things to consider from the beginning, or at least be prepared to deal with when they crop up. As with most of this legislation, it all boils down to location.

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I launched paid plans for Loco last June and I’ve just reached the end of my first quarter. Being a small business I wouldn’t normally pay attention to quarters, but I do now because selling a digital service in the EU means compulsory VAT registration.

This post is not a political rant. Despite the title I’m going to resist the temptation to vent steam over the not-so-new EU regulations. It is what it is, and there’s unlikely to be any change for a while. If you’re planning a to start a SaaS business from the UK you might benefit from some of the things I’ve learned – many of them the hard way.

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