Not being a marketeer or PR guru I’ve been struggling to get JASPA‘s raison d’ĂȘtre across succinctly enough. The elevator pitch is easy; give me a 100 words and your attention and I’ll get the message across. Give me 10 words and I’m useless.

There’s too much ambiguity and room for misconception in a single headline. Online-reading habits being what they are, if you’re not interested in the headline, you won’t read what’s under it. I suppose this is why people use rather abstract strap-lines like jQuery’s “Write less, do more” and “jQuery is a new kind of JavaScript library“.

I don’t think JASPA can get way with statements this abstract, so I’m currently running with:

“Write JavaScript with the expressive power of ActionScript”

Not catchy, I know; needs work. I’ve also put a real-time compiler demo on the JASPA home page to try and get the message across. I may regret this as the compiler uses a lot of juice. Good job it’s not popular ;)