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After a brief exchange of tweets with @jsmag I discover this web development ‘podcast’ : webdevgeekly.com, which appears to be run by the same people as jsmag.com. About 9 minutes into the following podcast there is a 2 minute discussion about JASPA. Conveniently just 24 hours after I rescued my site from a hardware crash.

> http://www.webdevgeekly.com/r/www.webdevgeekly.com/mp3/geekly6.mp3

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JASPA.DOM is now an open source project on SourceForge

I’ve decided to set up an open source project for the jaspa.dom package; it is to be found on SourceForge.
http://sourceforge.net/projects/jaspa-dom. It’s my first attempt at anything like this, so I’m bumbling around a bit, but the downloads are there and the CVS repository is also up and running. Any developers who are serious about helping develop this API should put a request to join the project on SourceForge.

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JAS is the language that the JASPA compiler converts to regular JavaScript; it is very similar to ActionScript 3.

The acronym JAS derives from JavaScript/ActionScript, but officially it means “JavaScript; Advanced Syntax”. This is partly due to potential trademark problems, and partly to make the distinction that it IS a separate language. The JASPA compiler contains absolutely no Adobe technology, or source code whatsoever.

The JAS syntax is designed to be as close to AS3 (ActionScript) as possible. When I say “as possible”, I mean that ideally I’d have made them identical, but for reasons too time-consuming to describe, certain things are in, certain things are out, and certain things behave a bit more like AS2. Ultimately JAS is an extension to the ECMAScript (ES3) standard, proving the kind of OOP enhancements that ActionScript programmers will find very familiar.

I shall digress and describe the similarities and differences between JAS and both ActionScript languages, feature-by-feature.

[ UPDATE: See http://jaspa.org.uk/wiki/JAS_language ]

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