JASPA on ice

My much neglected personal project JASPA has been taken offline. All traffic to jaspa.org.uk is redirecting here for now.

JASPA is/was a cross-compiler written in PHP which converts an ActionScript3-like language to native JavaScript prototypes. Essentially this is a language abstraction; an approach to JavaScript which is has its critics. I felt however that with ActionScript being a derivative of ECMAScript that some such criticism was not quite applicable. It worked pretty well, and I used it some of my own work, but it has received little public interest, and I was unable to maintain it well enough for those who were interested. Thanks to all the people who did email me about the project – I may pick up the project again sometime, but I can’t make any promises.

My ultimate reason for physically bringing the site down was that was that it was powered by Mediawiki, which doesn’t appear to be compatible with PHP 5.3.x, and I wanted to upgrade so I could use the new version of PHP-FPM (post about that to follow). I could have debugged the wiki to see if 5.3.x was really the problem, but I decided instead to cut my losses. R.I.P.