Identical profile pics on Twitter

The list of Twitter accounts below all have something in common – They all have an identical profile image, which looks like this:

Shelley Ryan

At the time of writing none of these accounts have been suspended. Whether they are breaking any laws or not I don’t know, but it is clearly a syndicate whichever way you look at it. The profiles all point to a Korean-registered “Cash generator” website, which [I would hazard a guess] is a con.

TwitBlock unearthed this statistic from a list of only 18,000 100,000 blocked accounts provided by under 400 3,000 TwitBlock users . When you consider the size and growth of Twitter, you can well imagine that there are far more than 120 288 profiles in this syndicate. You also have to wonder how much of Twitter’s growth figures can be attributed to this junk.

[ UPDATE:  18 Aug ]
Many of these accounts have been suspended, but TwitBlock is discovering new ones each day – currently 248 accounts known with this image.

[ UPDATE 19 Aug ]
I’ve produced a report of the top 20 most duplicated profile pics identified by TwitBlock

Warning: Do not sign up, or give any of your details to the organizations operating these Twitter accounts. I am publishing them only to exemplify the problem of Twitter spam. I am not responsible for any interaction you have with them, which unless you are insane, should be none.