Top 20 Faces of Twitter Spam

As we approach 3,000 TwitBlock users, we know of over 100,000 blocks and have stored 20,000 profile pic checksums. I figured it was time to start crunching some numbers.

The first of many reports shows the top 20 most duplicated avatars that we know about.

Many spam accounts use identical avatars across hundreds of accounts. TwitBlock uses this fact as an indicator of a likely spam account. This report just shows the top 20 that we’ve identified, but there are many more.

This indicator is one of the best ways Twitter could prevent spam accounts from signing up in the first place. Clearly bots have been developed that continually generate new accounts and Twitter does not seem able to prevent this despite the most prolific accounts displaying such identical properties.  With a tiny 0.01% of Twitter accounts authenticated with TwitBlock one can only imagine how many of these accounts are out there.