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It used to be simple.

The VHS player you just bought from Dixons doesn’t work, so you take it back to the shop and say “Oi, this doesn’t work”. They plug it into a TV, slot in a tape and either say “Oh, sorry” and give you a new one, or “Nope, it’s fine. Must be your TV or your tape”.

There were only so many parties that could be accountable for a product not working, and it was pretty easy to place the blame and get it sorted. It’s not so simple any more.

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I can’t blog about every pukesome tabloid news article that comes my way, but this is sort of related to online security and stuff, so that’s my excuse.

Sky News published a story yesterday about a man who retrieved his stolen phone by way of a vigilante┬ásting operation. The trap he laid involved impersonating a woman online without her permission and arming himself with hammer. Everybody LOLs. Continue reading…

Last week a another change to Twitter caused me problems with my personal project TwitBlock. For the impatient, see my Google groups post about it. (It didn’t go down very well).

If you’re a Twitter user, you’re probably familiar with this image:


It is/was the default profile image for users that have not uploaded a custom avatar. You may also have noticed last week that Twitter has introduced a new version. Actually they they made seven of them in different colours:
default_profile_0_normal default_profile_1_normal default_profile_2_normal default_profile_3_normal default_profile_4_normal default_profile_5_normal default_profile_6_normal

At least I think they made seven; I can’t find any more, but I can’t find any official document stating how many are out there either.

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